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What do you get when two college graduates love tacos? A taco restaurant! Now add a splash of experimenting and voilà, the birth of Taco Laboratory! An idea that manifested into reality, Taco Lab was initially proposed as a food truck. However, we quickly realized our ambitions and wanted to make the most of our time doing the things we love before 30. With our parents owning their own restaurant for more than a decade, it wasn't long before we integrated experience with our shared passion for food. We wanted to take tacos to the next level by combining other cuisines that are already well-loved by the community. If you love classic American comfort foods - such as Philly Cheesesteak - or the traditional Korean-BBQ steak, then you will surely love them built into a taco! The tacos we serve have a good variety of everything; to us, food is all about experimenting -- and there's nothing else we love more than experimenting with different foods to create a new type of taco in our kitchen lab. Oh, you're still reading this? What're you waiting for? Give us a try!

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